Droms Strauss Wealth Management never applies a one-size-fits-all solution in your financial and investment planning. The fact is, even when different clients’ long-term objectives seem quite similar, the paths to get there are invariably unique. How we guide you, and the approaches we ultimately recommend, is entirely personalized, based upon your specific situation.

  • Meet — Early in our work together, we meet with you several times to learn about your current situation and understand your vision for what your life will look like in 10, 20 or more years from now. This involves establishing milestones for your future and clarifying your priorities.

  • Create — We then advise you of various paths that you might take toward achieving your objectives. When you’re comfortable we have identified the right strategy, Droms Strauss prepares a detailed, formal Investment Policy Statement that documents your investment objectives and defines the asset allocation plan you’ve agreed is most appropriate for you. The asset allocation decision drives the returns and determines the risk level of your overall portfolio.

  • Implement — To implement, we begin with your present holdings and gradually move into the asset classes and allocations described in your Investment Policy Statement. Our preferred investment vehicles include institutional no-load mutual funds, exchange traded funds, structured notes and separately managed accounts. Droms Strauss Wealth Management also has the ability to manage the assets in your company-provided 401(k) or other retirement plan.

    Importantly, your funds are always held by an independent custodian. You’ll receive monthly, independently-produced account statements directly from the selected custodian, providing you with a totally transparent picture of all of your investment holdings. You also will have online access to your account at any time.

  • Reassess — We’ll regularly consult with you to review the progress toward your long-term objectives. It is normal that new considerations arise, and that your financial situation will change over time. That’s why it’s important to know that we’re always available to discuss your financial issues, and especially to help you determine how your long-term objectives may be altered when situations in your life change.

    Beyond your investments, you may want help evaluating insurance options, updating your estate plan, or considering something as routine as whether to lease or buy a new vehicle.

Clients have told us it’s nice to know that we are able to help them through what can be sometimes tough financial decisions. With nearly a century of combined experience, we have the expertise to help with cash flow, financial transaction analysis, income tax planning, estate planning, education planning and retirement planning. We strive to meet all of your financial needs, and we are always just a phone call or email away.